The Sticky Truth: The Best Denture Adhesives for 2020

20 February 2020 Assisted Living

You want to have a great set of pearly white teeth when you smile. The last thing you want is a fallen denture, so you must find the best dental adhesive to make sure that you are always camera ready.

If you are already wearing dentures or the dentist has recently recommended one for you, you will need a suitable denture adhesive as part of your daily routine. Though most dentures aim for a perfect fit, most of the time, that is impossible.

There are usually pockets of space, and sometimes, your gums can recede due to old age making them ill-fitting, or your dentures have loosened over time. Dentures are costly, so it is understandable why you want to extend their life and use them for a long time.

Why Denture Adhesives

Denture adhesives serve quite a few functions. If you are looking to purchase one for your elderly parents, you must find out if it is safe for their fragile health and easy to use because they have mobility issues. You can bring this dental adhesive to their aged-care facility so they will always be comfortable with their dentures.

For new denture wearers, this sticky substance can help you adapt to wearing your dentures a lot faster. Usually, your mouth becomes sore, and there is some slight discomfort when wearing new ones. With a denture adhesive, you can moisten the gums to alleviate issues.

This helpful topical agent creates a seal in your dentures, ensuring a better fit by filling out the small pockets of space. A comfortable and well-fitting denture is necessary for you to enjoy all aspects of your life. Because the adhesive fills in the tiny air spaces, you can speak without difficulties and enunciate your words more.

Moreover, the seal prevents small particles of food from getting stuck in between your gums and dentures. This is highly uncomfortable, making you more prone to oral bacterial infections and bad breath. With the seal, you can enjoy eating your favorite meals without worrying about your dentures continually.

Adhesives can help boost your confidence level because you have the added security that your dentures will not fall out when you’re eating, smiling, or talking. Your dentures stay in place with the aid of your chosen adhesive.

Tips for Choosing

Denture adhesives come in different brands and a broad range of forms that provide specific qualities. It is critical to research the products you are considering purchasing. Not all dental adhesives are created equal, so pay attention to the ingredients and special performance features.

As an important note, they have linked some brands to poisoning. If you are buying one for your parents to use in their nursing home, you want to get something completely safe. You do not want yourself or your loved ones to suffer grave health consequences, so it is best to avoid these questionable brands at all possible cost. This situation is the reason why product research is essential before making a purchase.

Since dental adhesives are personal and performance varies from the case-to-case basis, politely ask your dentist if you have any recommendations. At times, your dental professional will even offer samples so that you can try them on for size.

Overall, the best denture adhesive must let you chew your food with ease, help you speak without issues, and give you the confidence to smile because you don’t need to worry about your dentures popping out.

Consider the top ten leading denture adhesives in the market today by reading below. They are part of the list based on the amount of product purchased annually, the number of customer service reviews, and review ratings itself. Hopefully, after spending some time reading product specs, you can find a brand that will fit your needs.

Effergrip Denture Adhesive Cream

The tag line on the box of this blue glue is “extra holding power”, which they display next to the brand name. This product lives up to its name because it does offer a firm holding grip. This Effergrip denture cream has been a godsend for people who always need to fiddle with dentures that refuse to stay in place.

One of the primary perks of this brand is that it is one hundred percent safe. Safety is important because this adhesive stays in the mouth and then ingested through the stomach. This product is proud to announce that they provide a zinc-free formula, unlike their competitors that load up on zinc.

This cream is proud to announce that ADA or the American Dental Association approves them. This endorsement speaks highly about the product because it is something that most dentists recommend, use, and trust. You do get a strong adhesive that will keep your dentures secure while keeping your overall health safe.

Snug Denture Cushions

This product’s name speaks for itself as it does provide the snuggest fit for your dentures. Since each pack comes with two tailor-fit cushions, you can use them for both your top and bottom teeth. Even if it is a temporary solution, it works well in anchoring your dentures in place, so you can eat with gusto and flash your perfect smile at any given time.

This Snug Cushion can hold your dentures firmly while providing maximum comfort with custom cushioning. They make them out of a super soft, smooth, and plant material that will mold well to your gums. Most buyers of this product give it high ratings because of their satisfied user experience.

Reline-It Denture Reliner

This zinc-free formula will make your loose, and ill-fitting denture feels like you’re wearing something brand new again. Each box comes with two super soft reliners you can easily apply.

As the product name says, this substance relines your dentures for a perfect grip. The reliner works well, providing security for both your upper and lower dentures. It is an affordable product that accommodates even the most limited budgets.

This reliner works well in ensuring that your dentures stick to your mouth snugly. There will be no nasty denture-popping accidents if you use the Reline-It. It indeed makes people feel as if they are wearing a new set because it fills out all the loose spaces.

One of its best features, apart from being approved by the ADA, is the Reline-It is the only reliner in the market that is supported by the Food and Drug Administration or the FDA. That speaks volumes about this product’s safety, making it a complete standout in the reliner category of the denture adhesive market.

Extra Strength PoliGrip Super Denture Adhesive Powder

This super adhesive powder is the perfect glue for your dentures. Aside from being budget-friendly, this is easy to apply with long-lasting power. This Poligrip can last inside your mouth for 12 hours, so you can go on with your activities without worrying that your dentures will fall out.

The product tastes surprisingly great with an original fresh flavor keeping breath minty cool and pleasant smelling. Additionally, this product creates the perfect seal to ensure that no food particles get stuck in between your teeth, gums, and dentures. You are assured that your mouth will be comfortable because this provides a natural feeling.

Fixodent Plus Scope Denture Adhesive Cream

The tagline of this leading brand says, “precision hold and seal”, and it does precisely that. This cream provides a super snug fit for your dentures. At the same time, it remains super comfy in your mouth because the substance feels natural as if there is nothing alien in your mouth.

This product has a fresh taste, and it also does the double purpose of keeping your mouth clean. It is convenient and easy to use with the provided applicator. If you’re applying this or applying it for the elderly who are under your care, reaching the back areas of your mouth will be a breeze.

This adhesive works well on all kinds of dentures, including partial ones. Just like other brands, you can expect an excellent seal to keep food particles away from the space in between your mouth and dentures. You can smile comfortably, knowing that your dentures are snug and safe with Fixodent.

Fixodent Extra Hold Denture Adhesive Powder

This powder is one of the highest-rated ones online because of its strong and long hold. It has the staying power of one whole day. The manufacturer stands by this product, giving you an astounding money-back guarantee if you feel this is not working well as promised. Just make sure that you keep your receipt and the product UPC.

Creating a super tight seal, you can rest easy knowing that Fixodent will make sure your dentures don’t suddenly pop out. On top of that, the airtight seal ensures a great fit, helps deter food from getting stuck in the mouth and promotes more comfortable speaking. It is no wonder dentists around the globe highly recommend this.

Super Poligrip Zinc Free Denture Adhesive Cream

A trusted company that has been around for decades produces this product. The manufacturers are proud that this dental adhesive has no dangerous ingredients. There is no zinc, artificial colorants, faux flavors, and harmful additives. Patrons of Poligrip Cream can confidently use this and fear nothing.

Its powerful formula still manages to work well, giving you an all-natural feel while working hard to keep your dentures in place. It is affordable and easy to use, so you don’t have to worry about applying this adhesive cream onto your dentures.

Lower Heavy Ezo Denture Cushions

If you are looking for temporary help to make your old, loose dentures feel tight, look no further than this Ezo Denture Cushions. It works naturally by creating an airtight vacuum between your dentures and gums. This is the same feeling that you have when your dentures are brand new.

It does a great job of adding life to your old dentures so you can keep that high expense at bay. With this Ezo, you can go about your daily life without feeling any oral discomfort. This doesn’t come with any weird taste and odor. Just pop them on, make no messes, and flash your genuine smile often because you know your teeth are all in place.

Cushion Grip Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive

This thermoplastic denture adhesive works like magic. It is so good that it can even hold your dentures in place for up to four days. How amazing is that? Cushion Grip provides total value for money, and you can rest assured there is no slippage while this is in between your dentures and gums. No amount of chewing, smiling, and talking will change the ultra-strong grip.

This adhesive will not dilute in water. It is so potent that it works well with plastic and porcelain dentures. This is one of the longest-lasting products on the market. Imagine saving so much time because you don’t need to keep reapplying this adhesive.

Dentex Secure Denture Bonding Cream

Most dentists prefer this Secure Adhesive by Dentex since it does not contain any harsh contaminants making it safe for all denture users. They make it with a unique vegetarian formula. This product is quite versatile because it can also work with dentists’ oral irrigators.

Apart from providing a long 12-hour grip, this product is also soothing for your gums. On top of that, it promotes oral health, preventing stuck food and bad breath. The best part, this efficient product comes in convenient packs that you can afford.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for the best adhesive out there for your personal use or the use of your elderly loved ones, it is critical to do your research so you can get the safest brand that has a high staying power. The last thing you want is any embarrassing episodes with your dentures that have fallen from your face.

Find a denture adhesive that is easy to use. For seniors’ in-home care, you must make sure that theirs come with an applicator, so they won’t feel lazy to put on their dentures. Quality nursing homes like Bethany Home Care even help the elderly put on their dentures with adhesives. Of course, it is always a beautiful sight to see a warm smile with sparkling white teeth.