Monitoring Sensors for the Elderly

28 May 2020 Assisted Living

It’s hard for many of us to recognize that the parents who cared for and protected us so diligently when we were younger have grown weaker with the passage of time, but that’s what aging does. Now that they are in their golden years, it’s up to us to ensure that they stay safe, and elderly monitoring sensors can help with that.

These sensors can vary in terms of functionality. Some of them detect falls, while others are full-blown systems that modernize a home and make it safer.

The bottom line is that you can look after your elderly loved ones better with the help of those sensors. If you’ve already added other senior-friendly features such as walk-in showers to your parents’ home, it’s also worth taking the time to take a look at elderly monitoring sensors.

For those looking for ideas regarding which sensors to purchase, this article includes some suggestions.

GrandCare Systems

GrandCare Systems provides senior citizens with an all-in-one tablet that makes managing daily activities an easier undertaking.

When it comes to health monitoring, seniors can use the tablet to record daily readings of their blood pressure, weight, temperature, and oxygenation. It keeps the readings in a database that caregivers can quickly access.

Furthermore, if any abnormalities show in the readings, it will alert caregivers so they could prevent a potential health emergency. They can also set reminders with the tablet. These reminders will help senior citizens stay on schedule with their medication.

The tablet also allows for video calls. You can use it to call up your loved one and check in on him/her. Because the tablet and its software are HIPAA-compliant, healthcare professionals can use it to conduct consultations with their patients.

For security purposes, the tablet monitors motion and temperature inside the home of your elderly relative. If something’s off, you will know about it right away.

The owners of the tablet can program customizable buttons. They can then use those buttons to quickly send alerts or to inform loved ones they are doing well.

Also included in the tablet is a resident directory that makes it possible for users to interact with one another via messaging or video calls.

Games are included in the tablet as well. Senior citizens can try them out to pass the time.

GreatCall Lively Mobile Plus

A fall can be dangerous to elderly individuals. They may break bones upon hitting the ground, and that could render them unable to move and get help.

That’s why providing your older loved ones with a sensor that detects falls and stumbles is a great idea.

GreatCall’s Lively Mobile Plus aims to be the most technologically advanced fall detection sensor for seniors.

There are two ways for you to get in contact with someone with the help of this device.

You can first push the button on the device yourself, and that should allow you to speak immediately to a response agent.

If you cannot make the call yourself, the device will get in touch with the agent after detecting your fall.

Two features work to separate the Lively Mobile Plus from other similar devices. First, there is the fact that the device manages to get great coverage consistently. The other reason is the device allows you to speak to an agent right away.

Every second matters in an emergency. It’s nice to know that this device will not waste any of those precious seconds.

In addition to those features, Lively Plus Mobile is also waterproof. Even if you happen to fall in the shower or on a wet surface, the device will still work as intended.


Senior citizens can improve their overall health by eating more nutritious meals regularly. Of course, the problem with that is senior citizens will need to spend more time in the kitchen. That can be quite the risky proposition itself.

Forgetfulness is a part of aging, and if your older loved one forgets about the stove they left on; disaster could strike.

Thankfully, products that have hit the market in recent years make using the kitchen safer for senior citizens. One such product that improves overall kitchen safety is the iGuardStove.

The iGuardStove can prove useful inside the kitchen in many ways.

Once this accessory detects that no one has been in the kitchen for five minutes, it will automatically shut off the stove. Users can also set the timer on this accessory so that it will not mess with the stove if your older relative is cooking something that takes a long time, such as a stew.

You don’t need to be inside the kitchen to tinker with this accessory. You can control it and even disable it remotely using a smartphone. This accessory will also send out text alerts if it starts to sense that a dangerous situation is developing inside the kitchen.

To prevent anyone other than your elderly parents from using the stove, you can use iGuardStove’s different safety locks. Additional features will let you know if they are using the kitchen regularly.

Life Alert

Life Alert is one of the pioneering companies in the field of senior safety. It’s been around since the late 1980s and has helped countless senior citizens who have found themselves in emergencies.

Part of the reason why Life Alert has been a successful company for a long time is that it provides a product and service that its target customers can easily use. If you find yourself in a situation where you need immediate help, you can push the button and have paramedics sent your way.

You can also set up Life Alert buttons in the shower. Given how susceptible senior citizens are to slip-and-fall incidents, it’s smart to provide them with a button they can quickly press if they are involved in an accident such as that.

There are other ways for Life Alert to help senior citizens out.

Let’s say that you’ve heard some strange noises in your backyard, but you don’t want to go out there to check what it is out of fear that there may be an intruder present.

What you can do is press down on the Life Alert button and allow the dispatchers on the other end to listen in on what’s happening. They can then scare away the intruder that may be prowling around your home.

Life Alert is also available on mobile devices, so you can still access their emergency services even if you aren’t home.

Philips Lifeline HomeSafe with AutoAlert

You cannot overlook how important it is for elderly monitoring sensors to facilitate effective communication. If senior citizens cannot communicate what they need clearly, they may grow hesitant to use the devices installed to keep them safe.

What’s great about the HomeSafe with AutoAlert sensor from Philips Lifeline is that it improves the way senior citizens communicate with emergency service providers.

The communicator functions like a speakerphone so that both sides can talk clearly. Once a senior citizen decides to make use of this device, they will also be connected with a trained associate right away regardless of when they reach out.

This Philips product will also detect falls. If it detects an incident like that, it will quickly connect the resident of the home to an associate. Since the device can work like a speakerphone, the senior citizen doesn’t need to move closer to the device to be heard clearly.

The battery inside this device should last for a long time, but even when it is fully drained, you don’t need to worry about paying extra as Philips will handle the replacement.

Smart Caregiver All-In-One Anti-Wandering Door Bar System

Those who have loved ones dealing with dementia know how devastating its effects can be. You must worry about plenty of things if your older relative has this condition.

Among the things you need to constantly monitor is your loved one’s current location. Dementia can cause people to become easily disoriented and/or confused, your loved one may wander off somewhere without telling you.

Smart Caregiver’s All-In-One Anti-Wandering Door Bar System can prevent that from happening. There is also an alarm and detection that you can install easily.

You start by mounting a door monitor next to the target doorway. Make sure that it’s plugged in after installation.

With the system set up, you can now ask your elderly relative to wear the included wristband. If the door monitor detects that the wearer of the wristband is trying to pass through the doorway or even wandering nearby, it will quickly sound an alarm to let you know.

It’s a straightforward security device, but it will effectively prevent any of your older loved ones from straying away from home.


A comprehensive security and detection system would be welcome inside any senior citizen’s home. Right now, you can argue that TruSense is among the most complete systems available.

Included inside this package are four motion sensors, a contact sensor, a water sensor, a hub, and a convenient dashboard that you can use for monitoring purposes.

The contact and motion sensors are useful for keeping an eye on the current location of your elderly relatives. They will let you know if your loved one went outside, for instance.

Fall detection is also possible with the aid of this system because it can tell you if your relative has spent an unusually long time in a high-risk fall area.

As great as those features are, what may draw you to TruSense is the dashboard. You can set up numerous notifications via the dashboard to detect things like excessive water leakage, the temperature set at an unusual level, or even if your loved one has spent a long time inside a specific room, which could be an indicator that they have fallen or suffered some other type of mishap.

The system will also inform you if your loved one has tried to contact TruSense’s emergency response team recently.

Installing the TruSense system is a breeze, so you can go ahead and purchase it without worrying that it may sit unused for too long as you wait for a professional to work on it.

Wyze Cam V2

Last up, we have the Wyze Cam V2, a security camera that does more than capture images and videos to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Once you install this camera, you can download the companion app and monitor a livestream that broadcasts the interior of your loved one’s home. If something bad has happened, you will see it right away if you’re tuned in to the livestream.

Even if you cannot spend all day watching that livestream, the Wyze Cam V2 can still help you out. This camera can detect motion and sound. What’s great about this camera’s sound detection feature is that it can tell if the specific pattern of sound is consistent with what smoke alarms may emit.

The camera also comes with a built-in speaker and microphone. Thanks to those additions, you can communicate with your loved one right through the camera.

You also have the option of inserting a microSD card if you want to record more videos. The night vision feature will allow you to continually see clearly inside your loved one’s home, even in low-light conditions.

To closely monitor your loved ones, it’s hard to beat the features provided by the Wyze Cam V2.

Keeping your older loved ones safe is not always easy, but you’ll be glad to know that numerous innovations have made that undertaking more manageable. If you are looking for more assistance when it comes to caring for your elderly loved ones, please feel free to call Bethany Homes.