Flexible Part-Time Jobs for Disabled Seniors

26 March 2020 Assisted Living

If you are looking for part-time jobs for disabled seniors, do not despair. There are many types of work in this modern world that will allow you to continue earning an income despite your physical limitations. Some think that it is challenging for seniors, especially disabled veterans, to find a job that offers flexibility, but there are a lot more options than you realize.

If you are looking for a job in retirement, you are not alone. Many other seniors like you want flexible part-time jobs. With your advanced skill set, expansive knowledge, and depth of experience, you will undoubtedly be an asset no matter what job you may end up doing.

Vital Statistics to Shed Light on Working Conditions

The BLS or Bureau of Labor Statistics noted that 40% of people who belong to the bracket of age fifty-five and up in the United States are working or actively looking for a job, which includes part-time employment.

There is an expected increase of working seniors for the age bracket of sixty-five years and up as baby boomers also begin to age. Finding work as an elderly member of society is now more accessible thanks to the advent of technology that manages to bridge distance and time.

In addition, the SCSEP or the Senior Community Service Employment Program has a lot of part-time positions that deal with community service training for people over the age of fifty-five. These positions are great opportunities to explore because government-sponsored jobs are gratifying as they reach retirement age.

Why Should Seniors Consider Part-Time Work?

Some people may be wondering why you are considering part-time work in your golden years. The younger ones may think that you should be enjoying retirement in your adult living community. Why is there a need to work when you have your savings and your pension? Consider the following reasons why it is beneficial to consider working part-time.

Enhances Socialization

Even if you live in a retirement home and socialize with people your age, nothing can beat meeting people from all walks of life. When you work, you can socialize not only with your peers but with all ages. You interact with your managers, co-workers, as well as your clients.

You learn a thing or two even when you hang out with the younger generation. They teach you the latest trends. You may also learn how to optimize your mobile apps from your younger co-workers. Most importantly, they make you feel young with their zest and enthusiasm for life. You feel energetic when young ones surround you.

Improves Confidence

There is dignity in labor because you can make use of your God-given talents. When you are engaged in work that you love, it boosts your self-esteem because you are living a purpose-driven life. You can share your skills and knowledge to the younger generation.

It is rewarding when someone learns from you. With work, you can boost your morale and keep your self-confidence at a healthy level. There’s no room for self-pity when you are a functional member of society.

Boosts Brain Function

When you work, your mind is engaged, so you keep dementia and other issues that plague the mind at bay. These disorders are common for seniors who have retired because their minds are not busy, an idle mind deteriorates at a faster pace.

In contrast, when the brain is busy working, you stimulate analytical skills, creative juices, and imagination. You are not idle when you have part-time work, so you don’t feel unproductive and useless. Although the brain is technically not a muscle, it functions like one. The more you use it, the better it works because you keep all the neural pathways healthy.

Makes You Happy

When you are working, you feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment. You can finish your responsibilities, hit your targets, and influence people. As a result, you feel positive about your life situation. It is easy to feel depressed and down when you are stuck in the confines of your assisted living facility.

Going out to work can do wonders for your mental and emotional health. When you are bored, you succumb to negative feelings. You feel as if time is crawling like a snail. However, when you are busy with work, you feel happy interacting with people. There is, after all, truth in the adage time flies by when you are having fun.

Augments Your Income

Working on a part-time side hustle in retirement will help you supplement your pension while extending your savings. Who doesn’t like to enjoy more spending power? A little bit more money every month will help you because living as a senior citizen can be expensive. With your assisted living expenses, medicines, and regular doctor’s checkups, you need money to live comfortably.

And even if you have already saved enough funds, working is an excellent idea because you can save more money to do fun things. Why not tour Europe, go to the Bahamas, or explore Southeast Asia? Finding a job makes a lot of sense because you can live a quality life when you have the funds to engage in your hobbies and passions.

Top Flexible Part-Time Jobs for Seniors with Physical Limitations

There are many decent, flexible part-time jobs for the elderly and disabled seniors. If you are bored doing nothing at home all day long, consider part-time work to help you spend the day more productively. A host of different jobs exist for retired individuals with physical limitations. Consider the following options below:

Consider Dog Walking

Being a dog walker will help you connect with people in your area who need someone to take care of their fur babies during the day. You can choose the clients you like, so you can efficiently work around your own schedule and physical abilities. Those that can’t walk too long will enjoy smaller dogs like a Maltese or toy poodle.

Contrary to popular belief, even wheelchair-bound elderly can take care of dogs. You only need to choose a less exuberant dog breed to mitigate the risk of being dragged around. You should also pick a dog on the lighter side so you can maneuver with ease even when you’re carrying this canine companion.

Dog walking has loads of benefits. Apart from meeting people as you walk around the block or the dog park, you will go out and get some fresh air. Most of all, owning a pet has been known to extend life. Having a canine companion to keep you busy during the day is beneficial as it makes you feel happy. Dogs are loving and affectionate creatures, so taking care of them as a side hustle will do you a world of good.

Engage in Freelance Work

With the internet, you can find freelance work in any industry. Doing freelance work is great since it allows you to work from home while going to an occasional meeting. There is a broad range of work to do, like content writing, marketing, graphic design, finance, bookkeeping, accounting, translation, virtual assistant, medical billing, and more. These can be done easily despite your health issues.

It is effortless to find because you only need to create a profile in sites like Upwork or Guru. By doing this, potential employers can readily scout you. You can also browse for jobs yourself. There are many listed on freelance sites, LinkedIn, and even Craigslist, but make sure you have an updated resume with matching work samples to show potential clients.

The best part about freelancing is you control your own time and the number of projects you want to take on. You can pick plans with feasible deadlines, so you don’t pressure yourself too much. You can go with a field that you’ve been working on or even try something new. Thanks to technological advancements, there are so many options coming from your locality or other parts of the globe.

Pursue a Passion for Fashion

If you have a sharp eye for fashion, you can help other women find their own personal style as a stylist or makeup artist. For styling, you can try a site like Stitch Fix to help your clients try new trends, OOTD (outfit of the day), and funky styles from your home computer. You can also try to look for clients locally.

In the same token, you can pursue your passion for makeup and hair by helping clients when they have special events. Bridal and entourage makeup and hairstyling command a reasonable price. This is a rewarding side-gig because you will be boosting the confidence of others. You help them craft looks that make them feel beautiful from the outside and within.

If you want to update your skills, there are many training and education opportunities, both locally and online. The best part about this job, you get to choose your hours and your clients. It is also not physically taxing. Moreover, if you give quality work, your happy customers will be satisfied enough to spread the word about your services.

Consider Cooking and Baking Your Way to Success

Leverage your talents and work from home using your existing kitchen equipment. You can also set up your preferred working hours. If you are skilled in cooking and baking, you can earn a lot of money. If you have signature dishes that taste scrumptious, you can cater to events like office parties, company meetings, and the like. You can also sell your dishes by the tray, or you can offer a packed meal delivery service to offices, schools, or even for family dinners.

If you are proficient in baking, you can take orders for cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. Birthday cakes and wedding cakes command a high price. You can let your creativity manifest in your designs. Baked goods also make great souvenirs for special occasions. This job is gratifying because you will be making people happy on their special days.

Find Extra Cash in Babysitting

A lot of you love children, so why not earn a little bit more cash while watching them? You can build a side-hustle using your caregiving skills. You’ve raised and watched children in the past, so you have the skills and know-how on executing this.

You can take jobs that fit your schedule. Set your rates, with certifications like CPR commanding more. You can even pick which age bracket you want to sit for. If you want something light because of your physical ailments, go for newborn tots and the less rambunctious terrible two-year-olds.

Sitting for children is a rewarding experience that builds your social skills. On top of that, it feels great to help busy parents provide quality care for their precious gems. After all, once upon a time, you were like them, too. Giving-back now that you have the free hours is a great way to spend your time while earning extra dough.

Become a Super Tutor

There are many tutoring opportunities, locally and online. You can leverage your skills and teach subject areas that you have a specialty in. Even knowing English is enough to give you a job with online English tutorial companies that serve foreign clients like 51Talk and VIP kids. All you will need is a good computer, a microphone, and your internet.

Teaching is a fulfilling profession because you help others learn and grow. It is fun to troubleshoot issues and help others find solutions. You can take on as many tutoring opportunities that are available in your area or remotely. There are so many tutoring jobs out there, so you’re bound to find the perfect client that you’ll love working with.

Final World

Finding part-time work even if you have disabilities is not an issue. There is a broad range of jobs that you can engage in so you can spend your time productively. If you are feeling bored at your assisted living community, go for a local job or work remotely. Thankfully, technology now allows you to work from the comforts of your own home. With a little bit of patience and research, you can find a fulfilling part-time job that will boost your confidence, supplement your income, and make you feel happier in your golden years.