The Top 20 Walkers for Seniors

28 January 2020 Assisted Living

For the elderly, especially for those struggling with balance and mobility problems but who do not require the use of wheelchairs, walkers for seniors are a godsend. These are not only flexible and come in various models designed to address specific needs, they are also a safe and cost-effective solution for seniors who wish to stay healthy and fit. Aside from these benefits, walkers for seniors also give users a sense of independence and help them lead a relatively active lifestyle.

In this post, we put together a list of the top walkers for seniors divided into three categories: basic, wheeled, and the so-called “rollators.” By examining the features of the various types of walkers, it will be easier for you to identify the best one that ticks all the right boxes for you, including your budget.

The Main Types of Walkers

Not all walkers are created equal, and upon close examination of each type, you may find that what seemed to be a good choice in the beginning may not be after all.

Since individual requirements are a top consideration when shopping around for the best walker for you, be sure to answer a few questions first. What activities will the walker be used for, and where? How big should the walker be to give you the level of adjustability, comfort, and transportability you need?

You need to decide on what you will be doing with the walker – will it be used for basic activities such as walking inside your home, or will you be using it for daily walks around your neighborhood or community park? Are you the type to go out a lot throughout the day? Will you need a walker that you can take with you in your car, on public transportation, or perhaps on an airplane?

For your guidance, here are the three basic types of walkers.

Basic or Standard Walkers

A basic or standard walker has a simple frame. It has rubber-tipped legs for traction and safety, and is made of aluminum, so its weight is kept to a minimum. Basic walkers provide maximum support and are the best option for those who are prone to falling or unable to use a leg due to injury or surgery.

Due to their structure and lack of wheels of any type, movement with basic walkers tends to be slow, and these are best used on level floors or pavement. You also need a fair amount of upper body strength to use these efficiently. This type of walker takes a lot of practice to be able to successfully navigate on a staircase.

Although it can be a bit tricky and feel unsure to use a basic walker in the beginning, once you overcome these initial hurdles, you should be able to move about more freely around your home. Just remember that when it comes to stairs, always lead with your stronger leg when ascending, and your weaker leg when descending.

Wheeled Walkers

Sometimes referred to as front-wheeled walkers, wheeled walkers are similar to standard walkers except for one important feature: wheeled models have non-swiveling wheels attached to the front legs.

A wheeled walker is suitable for someone with balance issues, or a weak, injured, or recovering leg. That makes it ideal for people with vertigo or those post surgery or stroke.

Since this type of walker is meant to be pushed forward and not lifted, you can maintain your natural walking pattern. It also does not require a lot of upper body strength. However, because of the front wheels, it is not as stable as a standard walker. Still, there are models available where the front wheels can be removed, so it can be used as a basic walker when the need calls for one.


A rollator or rolling walker features three to four wheels and hand-operated brakes. Since a rollator has a wheel attached to each leg, swiveling or turning becomes easier. However, the wheels also make the rollator less stable than other walkers, so only people suffering from mild balance issues or weakness should use this type of walker.

Generally, rollators feature a pouch or storage basket, with four-wheeled units having a built-in seat. These features also make it ideal for people who suffer from mild weakness who take long walks and want to take breaks in between.

Do note that these are heavier than basic walkers. And since they have additional features, they tend to be bulky and more difficult to fold and put away inside a vehicle, something to consider if you want to use it for errands or travel.

Selecting the Best Walkers for Seniors

Since there are so many different brands and models to choose from, offered at different price points, you need to evaluate the walker you are considering carefully. In selecting the best walker for you, take note of the following:

Width: The walker you choose should easily fit into standard doorways, including public bathroom doors (some of these doors are only 22 inches wide or less). Moreover, your hips should comfortably fit inside the walker. If you need one with a seat, make sure there is clearance of about an inch on either side when you sit down.

Handle height: Choose a walker with handles that are comfortable and adjustable, so you won’t be forced to hunch over to use it, regardless of your shoe height.

Weight: You don’t want to strain yourself using a walker. You also need to consider this factor when loading and unloading it into a vehicle or carrying it elsewhere.

Capacity: Ensure that the walker you choose can support your weight adequately, as most are generally designed to assist 250- to 300-pound individuals.

Seat height: If you are on the lookout for a rollator, look for one with an adjustable seat, or at least one with a seat height that’s comfortable for you.

Brake type: This feature only concerns rollators. If you suffer from hand dexterity issues or arthritis, loop brakes may be a poor choice as they require some exertion when you squeeze the levers. Instead, look for weight-activated models.

Foldability: Depending on the space at home and in the vehicle where you’ll be keeping your walker when you go for a drive, ensure you get a walker that fits well in the designated space.

Price: In general, a walker can cost anywhere between $40 and $150, although specialized walkers can cost much more. Understandably, rollator types tend to be pricier. If you have Medicare Part B coverage, a walker purchase may be covered as long as it is deemed to be a medical necessity.

The best Walkers for Seniors

Here is a list of 20 different walkers, in no particular order, that come highly recommended:

  1. Healthline Junior Folding Walker with Wheels – Price: $37.54

The Healthline Junior Folding Walker with Wheels is ideal for short individuals, with an adjustable height from 25.5 to 32.5 inches and a weight capacity of a maximum of 250 pounds. It also comes with two optional five-inch front wheels.

  1. Able Life Space Saver Walker – Price: $89.00

The Able Life Space Saver Walker is a narrow walker that can hold up to 400 pounds. It can be easily folded to about the size of a large umbrella and is extremely lightweight, so it’s great for travel. Its slim structure makes it fit through even tight passageways. You can also replace the front stationary wheels with swivel wheels when you require better maneuverability.

  1. NOVA Traveler 3 Wheel Rollator Walker – Price: $102.53

This “all-terrain” rollator has a narrow frame can fit into most spaces. Its durable eight-inch rubber tires make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With a weight capacity of 250 pounds, it comes with plenty of storage (basket, tray, and zippered pouch), but does not feature a seat. It has feather-touch hand brakes (with a five-year warranty on all brake parts) and a lifetime limited warranty on the frame.

  1. Vive Folding Walker – Price: $67.99

The Vive Folding Walker is a lightweight, durable walker. It is adjustable from 33 to 40 inches and has a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds. It comes with a removable walker bag and two five-inch wheels that can be added or removed as required.

  1. Drive Medical Side Style Hemi One Arm Walker – Price: $29.43

The Drive Medical Side Style Hemi One Arm Walker can be used with only one hand or arm, so it is an option for people with the use of only one upper limb. Considered a happy medium between a walker and a cane, it is lightweight and durable, folds easily, and features an adjustable handle height. It also offers a wider support base for up to 300 pounds.

  1. Drive Medical Trigger Release Folding Walker – Price: $35.73

The Drive Trigger Release Folding Walker is designed for people with finger dexterity issues. Its trigger release lets the user close the walker without the need to remove their hands from the handle. It’s lightweight (seven pounds), and runs on smooth-gliding, five-inch front wheels. It supports a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds.

  1. Medline 3-in-1 Stand Assist Walker – Price: $92.63

The Medline 3-in-1 Stand Assist Walker is recommended for those who require assistance moving from a sitting to standing position. The bi-level handles facilitate this and can also function as a toilet safety frame. Being wheel-less, it works best for users who require minimal support and has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.

  1. Vaunn Medical Two-Button Folding Walker – Price: $44.50

The Vaunn Medical Two-Button Folding Walker comes highly recommended for active seniors who do a lot of traveling. This lightweight (6.06 pounds), two-wheeled walker can easily fit into a suitcase, and features a two-button, fast-push release system. If you have hand dexterity issues, this walker is for you. It also has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.

  1. Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker – Price: $199.98

The Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker has large front wheels that increase one’s turning radius, plus a built-in brake cable. The easily adjustable handle height and back support give this walker a custom-feeling fit. It is easily collapsible and has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.

  1. Drive Medical Aluminum Rollator Walker – Price: $60.27

The Drive Medical Aluminum Rollator Walker features six-inch, non-marring wheels suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It has serrated-edge brakes designed for maximum safety, a hinged, padded backrest for ease and comfort, and a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.

  1. Hugo Mobility Explore Side-Fold Rollator Walker – $204.51

The Hugo Mobility Explore Side-Fold Rollator Walker is perfect for seniors on-the-go. It has a side-folding frame that’s easily collapsible. Weighing only 15.4 pounds, with a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, it’s certainly one of the lighter four-wheeled walkers available. Its padded built-in seat, ergonomic hand grips, and contoured backrest ensure a comfortable experience all around.

  1. Lumex Walkabout Lite Rollator – Price: $81.65

The Lumex Walkabout Lite Rollator is a four-wheeler with ergonomic, easy-to-use handles and brakes. The lightweight aluminum frame is easily foldable and transportable, and it has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.

  1. NOVA Vibe 6 Rollator Walker, Purple – Price: $92.95

The NOVA Vibe 6 Rollator Walker is one of the most popular rollators around. It has four six-inch wheels and feather-touch hand brakes to ensure you a smooth, safe ride anywhere, anytime. With a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, this rollator has a frame that comes with a lifetime limited warranty and a five-year warranty on all brake parts.

  1. Medline Premium Empower Rollator Walker – Price: $186.21

The Medline Premium Empower Rollator Walker is a feature-packed rollator that comes with a thick, cushioned backrest, removable under-seat storage bag, and cup holder. The memory foam seat with Microban antimicrobial technology ensures it is protected from bacteria, mold, and mildew. This rollator can be easily folded and stored, has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, and comes with eight-inch wheels that work wonderfully on all surfaces.

  1. Hugo Elite Rollator Walker – Price: $105.72

The Hugo Elite Rollator Walker is designed for short individuals under five feet tall. However, its adjustable height can accommodate users between 4’3” and 6’2”. Its eight-inch swivel wheels glide smoothly over all surfaces, and it has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. It also features a padded seat and backrest, an under-seat storage bag, and saddle bag.

  1. Four-Wheel Rolling Walker – Price: $88.41

This basic, sturdy rolling walker features six-inch rubber tires to ensure a smooth ride every time. It features a comfortable padded seat and an easy-to-use loop braking system for maximum safety wherever you go. This rollator easily folds up and has weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.

  1. Medline Heavy Duty Rollator Walker – Price: $119.99

The Medline Heavy Duty Rollator Walker has a reinforced steel frame designed to support a maximum of 500 pounds. Its eight-inch, smooth-rolling wheels ensure maximum maneuverability everywhere, although its wide frame may not fit through all doorways and hallways.

  1. Drive Medical Deluxe Two Button Folding Walker – Price: $29.25

The Drive Medical Deluxe Two Button Folding Walker is one of the most affordable, lightweight, two-wheeled walkers available. It weighs only 7.5 pounds, has a narrow, U-shaped frame, and features a push-button mechanism for easy folding, making it excellent for travel. With a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds, this certainly is a great deal.

  1. Hugo Mobility 770-260 Adjustable Folding Walker – Price: $60.42

The Hugo Mobility Adjustable Folding Walker is an affordable option for people who need a walker while on-the-go. It features two deluxe accessory bags for keeping your personal items safe and has a lightweight frame for easy storage and transport. The optional five-inch wheels come in handy for quick moving around when you’re out, and it has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.

  1. DMI Lightweight Aluminum Folding Walker – Price: $42.99

The DMI Lightweight Aluminum Folding Walker is ideal for those with limited storage space and people on the go. Weighing only 5.5 pounds, with a four-inch diameter when collapsed, it’s easy to carry around and store. Make no mistake, though, its anodized aluminum frame makes it sturdy enough to support a maximum of 250 pounds.

If you need assistance selecting and ordering the walker you want, you can depend on our friendly and capable staff at Bethany Homes for help. And if you need any information on life among seniors and assisted living options, be sure to call us or click here.