Best Vacations for Seniors with Limited Mobility

26 March 2020 Assisted Living

You have finally reached your golden years, so it is the right moment to start planning your travels now that you have more time. If you are considering the perfect places to go on vacation for seniors, you have come to the right place. This in-depth article explores how you can travel safely in your advanced age, factoring in your limited mobility.

Of course, the goal is safe and convenient travel without compromising on the quality of your experience. Going on a trip with your health issues doesn’t need to be intimidating. You only need to take the necessary precautions and pick cities that are friendly to people with mobility issues.

By doing your due diligence and responsibly researching your choices before booking your tickets, you are most likely to have a fun-filled trip that you will never forget. Whether you are a senior citizen yourself, or you are thinking of taking your elderly loved ones to ease their boredom in their nursing home, it is vital to have a detailed itinerary before flying off.

Consider the following US cities listed below because these destinations are safe for the elderly. These fun tourist spots will give you the right vibe for a great adventure, along with a perfectly relaxing time. Now that you have retired, it is the best time to pack your bags and take the trip you’ve long been putting off. Let’s get started on your journey below:

Enjoy High Stakes at Las Vegas, Nevada

If you have never made it to Sin City, the time to be sinful is now. There are many things to do in this city that never sleeps. The best part, whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. So go for it!

Explore the Neon Museum

For a fun first stop, make your way to The Neon Museum. It is home to the iconic signs of Las Vegas. Each unique sign has a fascinating history that speaks about how its creation played a role in the development of this town. It is both exciting and educational to witness how the signs have metamorphosed over the years.

While in the museum, you can rest whenever you want because there are benches everywhere. On top of that, the facility is ADA (Americans with Disability Act) compliant with grab bars in the toilets, wheelchair access, and priority handling of guests with disabilities.

A specific portion of your tour will be outdoors, so you must dress comfortably based on the weather. If you want to view something unique, go at night to see the majestic lights glittering amidst the night sky in all their glory.

Visit the Bellagio Fountain

A trip to Vegas is never complete without seeing the glorious Fountains of Bellagio. This is a primary highlight because of its masterfully choreographed water show that dances to both lights and sounds. You will be happy to note that you can easily squeeze this into your schedule because there is a show every half-hour from sunrise through sundown.

Past 8 pm, they stage the show every 15 minutes. It is best to see it in daylight and at night time and compare the differences. This is a free show which you can view even from the sidewalks. If you use a wheelchair, it is good to get there fifteen minutes ahead so that you can grab a spot and get unobstructed views.

Give Lady Luck a Try

You can’t get a complete Vegas experience without trying your luck in a casino. All the hotels in this area from the Venetian Macao to the Caesars Palace have their own in-house casino. You can try your luck at slots or choose a table game. The majority of hotels along The Strip are ADA compliant, so you can have a good time no matter what facility you visit.

Take a Zipline Adventure

If you are not scared of death-defying heights, try the legendary SlotZilla Zip Line. This is a favorite because it is wheelchair friendly. You can zoom by above the crowd while belly down over Fremont Street. You will be flying eleven stories high, so make sure you are not afraid of heights. Also, take note if you have hypertension or any seizure-like problems as you may need to sit this one out. However, if you are fine health wise, then go on and dare try this incredible adventure.

Visit the Country’s Capital in Washington, D.C.

Who does not know the District of Columbia? You have been learning about this since your elementary years. It is a great destination because it has historical gems. Most of the attractions are also convenient and free.

Explore the Capitol Visitor Center

You must first explore the Capitol Visitor Center Office of Visitor Services to load up on their free brochures. If you need an easy way to gallivant, they offer a shuttle service that plies Independence Avenue to First St. SW. This service is a perfect one for those who can only engage in minimal walking. Go hop off at the and take pictures at the famous obelisk called the Washington Monument.

Tour the White House

Go on a guided tour to see America’s seat of power. The White House will require you to book a tour in advance. Seniors can get a discounted rate. Be sure to bring an ID because you will need one to enter. Once the tour starts, you will receive your own guide. If you require a wheelchair, they even have one for you to borrow at the premises. Who knows, maybe you’ll run into the President of the United States!

Check Out the Lincoln Memorial

The iconic Lincoln Memorial is another must-see. It pays homage to the 16th president of the US. It is entirely disability friendly with accessible toilets and water fountains. To reach the interior area, you don’t need to climb the steps. You can take the elevator on the ground floor. Ramps are also available from the street to the basement. Admission is free of charge.

Enjoy Sunny San Diego, California

If you are thinking about planning a trip, especially if you want to escape your assisted living facility in a temperate climate, San Diego is a great choice. It has warm year-round weather, so your arthritis will not act up because of the bitter cold.

See the Historic Area

To get the full San Diego experience, you must visit the historical downtown area called the Gaslamp Quarter. This is the perfect place to be as they frequently host festivals, concerts, fairs, and other events. Heading there is an excellent jump-off point to get to know the city. You will have an easy time traipsing around town because the streets and establishments are disabled-friendly.

Take a Peek at the Waterfront

Near the quarter is the Waterfront so you can kill two birds with one stone. You will find “kilometric” walkways that are flat for easy rolling. While there, you can enjoy panoramic vistas. You can also clear your mind with the cool breeze gently whispering over the water.

Take Advantage of the Trolley

There is an iconic San Diego Trolley for the elderly who don’t want to walk around. It is also convenient if you don’t feel like driving and looking for parking. The trolley is wheelchair accessible, and most of all, the price is discounted if you have a disability.

Howdy Partners, Let’s Go to San Antonio, Texas

If you are in search of a quaint city that has a rich history, look no further than San Antonio, Texas. Get a big load of Texan charm! Explore the largest state in America and discover why the slogan is “Don’t Mess with Texas!”

Do the River Walk

The most popular place to visit in this city is the San Antonio River. You can walk or roll along the famous River Walk. They built it many decades ago, but it still manages to be wheelchair accessible because the government prioritized making upgrades.

There are newly installed ramps and pathways. Some of them even have elevators for your convenience. You can download a map from their official site if you want to plan your tour. Check out your access points and figure out the key areas you want to visit along the River Walk.

Chow Time at Casa Rio

Enjoy a gastronomic extravaganza at Casa Rio, which is more than half a century old. You will not be dismayed with their delicious grub. Don’t be deterred by the steps at the entrance. You can walk across, and there is an elevator to take you down to the river level. You can sit outdoors by the river, enjoy the cool breeze, and watch the ducks.

Don’t Miss the Alamo

You can’t visit San Antonio without going to the famous Alamo. All public sections in this historical spot are wheelchair friendly. If you need help, the staff is readily available to assist you. Bathrooms are handicap friendly, along with accessible fountains. Go and get a crash course on Davy Crocket in this historical gem!

Enjoy the Great Outdoors in Phoenix Arizona

There is a reason they named Phoenix after a beautiful, ephemeral bird. This charming town is one of a kind. With beautiful scenic spots, along with vast shopping areas and hip clubs, this city offers the right blending of elements that make for a perfect vacation.

Check Out Pretty Flora

To enjoy the beauty of Phoenix, take the time to see the Desert Botanical Garden. You will see a wide array of unique plants that can thrive in extreme weather. This place is fully accessible for wheelchairs and scooters. If you did not bring one yourself, you could rent one in their office on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Enjoy Music at a Museum

A refreshing stop that will delight you is a visit to the only Music Instrument Museum in the world. It has almost seven thousand instruments on display coming from all around the globe. You will see tribal sets from Africa, metallic traditional musical implements from Southeast Asia, or modern instruments from Europe. Aside from being wheelchair friends with ramps, they offer complimentary wheelchair use, too. Their Music Theater has a specially designated place for you.

Try the Desert Belle Cruise

Take your golden girl to be the belle of Arizona by taking a one-and-a-half-hour Desert Belle Cruise. You will get a glimpse of the exotic wildlife, view majestic canyon walls, and enjoy panoramic desert views. The boat is handicap ready, with interior facilities to match.

Make Your Way to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Be sure to include the historic town of Philadelphia on your list. There are a lot of activities and sites that are perfect for seniors with limited mobility. You won’t regret going to this town where your favorite cream cheese is named after.

Check Out the Iconic Bell

When you make your way to Philly, never miss the Liberty Bell Center. Take a peek of the iconic bell because it is the country’s herald for independence and freedom. The bell is more than a century old, and you will feel its unique charisma when you see it up close. The center is wheelchair friendly. Make sure you get free tourist materials at the Independence Visitor Center.

Time for Some Market Shopping

Grab great bargains, whether it is rain or shine at the Reading Terminal Market. This enclosed space is full of unique items. It is best to do your souvenir shopping. The market is wheelchair-accessible in most of its entrances, except for the ones on 12th and Arch as it has three steps. Restrooms are also handicap friendly.

Take an Adventure in a Penitentiary

At almost two hundred years old, The Eastern State Penitentiary makes for an exciting stop. Even though it feels a bit eerie, it has a lot of historical value. In general, the place is wheelchair friendly, except for the souvenir shop and one minor exhibit area.

Final Word

There are numerous domestic vacation destinations for senior citizens that have physical ailments and mobility issues. Just do your research before flying out. Go with your family or plan a trip with your friends in your assisted-living community. If you have the budget, you can also explore other countries.

Remember that even if you have limited mobility, it doesn’t mean you are bound to your home. Use your wheelchair or walker to explore your country and the rest of the world. Make sure you prepare your maintenance medications ahead of time so that you can bring them with you to your destination. Now, the only thing you need to do is book your flight and accommodations. Bon, voyage!