What is Memory Care?

Memory Care Facility for Seniors

We train our loving team-members to make sure each resident is safe, dignified, and that we maximize their quality of life in any way we can, despite any restrictions due to Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. In our Alzheimer’s and Memory care programs we offer peace of mind to families, ensuring that their loved one is properly cared for in a loving, structured and nurturing environment.

The Important Role Competent Memory Care Plays in Preserving Quality of Life

Caring for an older loved one is not always easy and it can be made even more challenging if they suffer from dementia. If your loved one starts suffering from dementia, it is well worth your time to look into the possibility of offering them some form of memory care.

Dementia affects millions of people all over the world.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 50 million people are currently dealing with dementia. By the year 2030, the number of people who have the syndrome could balloon all the way up to 82 million.

Much as we would like to think that our parents and grandparents will not have to experience the unpleasant effects of dementia, the numbers indicate that there is a zero chance that such a thing could happen.

If you already have someone in your family with dementia, then you probably know all too well about the challenges associated with it. To help make dementia easier to manage, you can sign your loved one up for memory care.

What Is Memory Care?

In many ways, memory care resembles the other types of services that are typically provided to senior citizens. Memory care providers can help the people they are watching perform certain tasks safely.

If a person a caregiver is monitoring needs to take medication a certain amount of times throughout the day, the worker in question will help him/her stay on schedule. There are other services like that included in memory care.

The biggest difference between memory care and the other types of services often provided to seniors is that there is more emphasis placed on engaging the mind. Individuals who are placed in memory care programs are usually asked to participate in a wide array of activities.

Sometimes the activities may include games that are designed to exercise the mind. Members of memory care programs may also be encouraged to take part in art and music classes. They are also often invited to events where they can mingle with other people.

A memory care program can help keep a person’s mind as sharp as it can possibly be. The effects of dementia can be devastating and there is no currently known cure that can address it, but the people affected by it can still be supported in ways that will allow them to lead a normal life.

While part of a memory care program, someone with dementia will still be put in a position to enjoy the different activities that are usually found on a senior citizen’s calendar.

The aim of this type of service is to allow senior citizens with dementia and other memory-related issues to maximize their quality of life.

What Other Benefits Are Included in a Memory Care Program?

As noted earlier, memory care programs are quite similar to the other services that you will see offered at long-term care facilities.

You will often find that those facilities handle the day-to-day needs of their residents, especially when it comes to matters such as food and laundry. It can be risky to ask senior citizens dealing with dementia to take on those jobs so long-term care facilities typically handle them.

The caregivers will also help the people in the memory care program with hygiene and bathing.

They also don’t employ a one-size-fits-all approach to the people in the program. The care plans can be adjusted in ways that will be more beneficial to the residents of the facility.

You can rest easy knowing your loved one is receiving the best care available.

What Should You Expect to See from a Memory Care Facility?

It’s important not to overlook the facility where the program itself is being implemented.

These facilities are designed to be both comfortable and easy to navigate.

Comfort is obviously important so that the older people on the premises are able to relax and just enjoy their stay. They shouldn’t have to worry about the quality of the furniture or the look of the places they stay in.

Having a facility that is not disorienting or confusing is also helpful to people with dementia. Residents won’t constantly need assistance getting back to their rooms if the facility has been laid out in a smart way.

Security is another thing you need to look at when you’re choosing a memory care facility for your loved ones. A facility caring for and monitoring people with dementia can never be too secure. You want these facilities to have protection in place that will prevent anyone from leaving the premises undetected.

You’ll see that the memory care facilities provided by Bethany Homes feature those essential qualities.

Why Professional Caregivers Need to Be Involved in the Memory Care Program

We understand that entrusting the care of your loved one with dementia to people you don’t really know can be unsettling. You may think that you are the one who knows what’s best for your loved one, even if he/she does have dementia.

It’s ultimately up to you if you want to care for your relative yourself, but do know that dementia is not like the many other diseases associated with old age. You may encounter numerous obstacles as you try to care for your loved one with dementia.

Even doing something as simple as talking to someone with the syndrome can turn out to be a real challenge if you do not know what you’re doing. If you end up getting frustrated and raising your voice, you could damage your loved one’s already fragile psyche.

You must also be aware that the same approach will not always work on someone with dementia so you have to be patient and find some other way to connect with them.

Professional caregivers have the experience and skills needed to better interact with people affected by dementia. Do not hesitate to lean on them if you know someone who could use that type of care.

Bethany Homes Can Provide High Quality Memory Care

It’s no secret that caring for someone with dementia can be difficult in so many ways, but do know that you don’t have to take on the burden alone. By contacting Bethany Homes, you can start working with professionals who know exactly how to approach these matters.

Call Bethany Homes and find out more about the assistance they can offer.

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INDIVIDUALIZED MEMORY CARE PLANS are developed for each unique resident, from early to the late stages of Alzheimer’s and dementia. With high staff-to-resident ratios, our RELATIONSHIP-BASED CARE PROGRAM provides each resident a piece of mind knowing that a familiar smiling face is always there to help.


  • 24-Hour Care and Supervision Provided by Trained and Experienced Caregivers
  • Assistance with Bathing, Dressing, Personal Hygiene and Other Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
  • Mobility and Transferring Assistance
  • Monitoring of Safety
  • Medication Management
  • Home-Cooked Delicious and Nutritious Meals with Dietary Considerations
  • Well-Appointed Rooms with Comfortable Beds, Furniture, and Decorations
  • Housekeeping and Laundry Services
  • Continence Management
  • Night-Time Care
  • Daily Activities and Exercise
  • Travel Arrangements, Including Wheel-Chair Accessible Transportation for Doctor's Appointments and Outings
  • Support with Recovery After Hospitalization and Rehab
  • Assistance and Coordination with Physicians, Home Health Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupation Therapy, and Hospice Professionals
  • In-House Hair and Nail Services
  • Community Pets
  • Many Other Forms of Personalized Assistance

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Bethany Home is a great home for my mother. The staff treats her like she is family, and I can rest assured that she is in great hands.Mary P.
My family and I are so pleased to know that our mother is well cared-for and safe at Bethany Home. The owners and caregivers show genuine concern for the residents and get to know them well. The home is always very clean, and attention is given to serving fresh foods. My mother especially likes the activities. I highly recommend Bethany Home for their individualized care.Linda L.
Bethany Home is a wonderful place for your loved one. They take the time to listen and always display a very caring and attentive attitude towards residents and their families!Liz J.
My sister and I believe our aging mother receives the most loving and compassionate care that she could possibly receive anywhere at her Bethany Home residence. We were fortunate to find such a wonderful facility and staff. We know she's in good hands, which puts our minds at ease.Kathleen J.
I had tried homes from hospital-like settings to very plush atmospheres. None gave my brother the personal care that Bethany Home gives him. When I first walked in to the house, it smelled clean, with the smell of fresh, homemade food. I was immediately greeted with a big smile from the caregivers. Meeting the management was delightful and validated the feeling of “home away from home” that I had when I first walked in. I’m a firm believer that an Angel was looking over my brother and me when I found Bethany Home. Mitra K.
We are grateful for your help in so quickly arranging things so that Dad could move in on very short notice. We are also grateful for the excellent and professional care provided for our father there. After Dad entered hospice care, the staff members were his most dedicated advocates, working with the hospice folks to make sure that Dad was comfortable and pain-free. That mattered a great deal to my family, and we are grateful. Bethany Home is a pleasant and cheerful place, and the staff sees to nice touches like cutting some of the beautiful roses so that there are pretty and fragrant flowers in the house. I would recommend Bethany Home without reservation. Jill Y.